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Spectre Security Coin

Security Professionals can help identify issues with a coin platform, infrastructure, and help find better ways to secure the network. Networks require constant monitoring and upgrades to ensure any weakness found can be addressed in the quickest manner. Exchanges, and Web Wallets have been constant attack vectors for criminals. This creates a prime space for security professionals to provide solutions to crypto developers. Investors can feel their investment is better protected and benefit in many other ways by having a more secure blockchain and coin infrastructure.

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Your Crypto Daily News

we are crypto marketing and news network

GIVES Foundation

GIVES is a decentralized proof of work and proof of stake hybrid cryptocurrency, created in March 2018. GIVES provides a safe and easy way for people to receive currency as there are no fees to receive payments or charge backs. Transaction fees are also considerably lower using GIVES instead of traditional bank transfers, credit card companies or any other digital payment processors. As it is a cryptocurrency it can be distributed across the world without any delay seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

EXperience Points

Experience Points (XP) is a completely independent, platform agnostic incentive rewards token and digital currency combined enabling you to earn XP through video games, activities, sports, education and conservation which you can then spend at participating vendors either online, in-game, or on the high street (cryptocurrency exchanges). Also, the blockchain utilizes a PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm, enabling you to earn interest simply by holding onto your earned XP. The concept of real value rewards merged with the blockchain technology of Bitcoin provides an innovative approach to in-game currencies moving towards a unified platform, similar to the standards applied to mobile phone charges, for example. This approach keeps the digital currency completely independent from any bank, central authority, government or corporation but at the same time allowing them all to collaborate and submit proposals, open source code, documentation and content that benefits other participants and parties in the network. Please take time to browse the website and get a feel for what XP is about and how it can act as an incentive rewards based digital currency which has no national boundary, is nearly free to transact.

The Throat Punch Coin

The Throat Punch Coin is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 50,000,000 TTPC, staking at 100 % annually, allowing for all investors to make an interest on their investment. Furthermore, TTPC will use its resources to upgrade to a coin with masternodes in the near future.


We are a group of cryptocurrency veterans interested in the creation of the most broad and useful blockchain platform in the crypto space . The cryptocurrency space is, and has been, in need of an all-encompassing platform that allows for the creation, promotion, publishing and marketing of that same software product, smart contract or altcoin. We at x42 believe that our platform is a fantastic option for that and much more; our platform offers truly free transactions between users, with no hidden fees or taxation by the developers of any kind.

Leisure Coin

Leisure Coin is a Masternode, Proof of Stake coin, which will drive profitability for it’s holders. 10,000 Leisure Coins are required as collateral to host a masternode on the Leisure Coin network. The current reward structure is 16 Leisure Coins per block going to masternode rewards and 4 Leisure Coins per POS reward. This is all based on a 60 second block time and a total block reward of 20 Leisure coins. The Leisure Coin digital asset we have developed is more than just a coin.
It is the entry-point to our investment platform located on our exchange itself. All funds received from the exchange listing fees, withdrawals and trading are distributed to exchange maintenance, platform develop/maintenance team, security team, coin ops funding, and the platform investments.
What makes Leisure Coin unique is that we are an investment coin that has our users at the forefront. Funds received from our exchange operations, are fed into our investment platform where they are traded on multiple top tier exchanges. The profit earned from trading is then distributed across the network based off average Leisure Coins held in a users wallet for a set time period.
At no time will an investor be required to input any coins into the platform to receive rewards. Just link a Leisure Coin wallet to the platform, set up a deposit address, and you are done. At the end of the trading period, you will be sent your rewards and will share in our profits! (check white papers for in depth explanation)

Hyped On Crypto

Hyped on Crypto (HoC) is a team of individuals who are working hard to break the limits of what has been done before in terms of spreading the word and teaching the world about cryptocurrency. Our mission statement reflects this ambitious goal: “To build a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors dedicated to becoming the driving force behind mass adoption.” What this means is that we plan to play a major role in bringing the ideas and concepts within the cryptosphere – from currencies to technologies – to Mainstreet. We cannot do this alone. This is why we seek to build a community encompassing everyone who is interested in crypto, from newcomers to veteran traders. HoC consists of technical analysis, specialists in graphics and web design, YouTube streamers, experienced promoters, product and application testers, a talented team of researchers and writers, and dedicated community members who are passionate about crypto. Our knowledge and experience will continue to grow as our community grows. We are putting our blood, sweat, and tears into expanding so that our vision, that crypto will become more accessible to the world, becomes a reality.

LIONBIT Exchange

Welcome to LIONBIT! Fast and advanced cryptocurrency trading platform

English Language Learning Center

Hi, my name is Steve and I have been teaching English in Thailand since 2004. I had a variety of jobs before going back to university at the age of twenty-eight and now have a bachelors degree, teaching diploma and TEFL certificate. I enjoy writing contemporary history, am a qualified facilitator and have a keen interest in crypto-technologies like Blockchain. In my life I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge in many areas of business and have countless lessons, tips and tricks to help people learn English – I want to share them freely with students all over the world.

Use XP Coin to buy English lessons online. You can pick your lessons from a range of topics or just ask for a ‘free talk’ session on a subject of your choice. I’ll even write a lesson just for you and post it online so others can share and study it for FREE. Why Pay For Free Lessons? You are paying for ‘teacher time’ not the free material. Every student is advised to look at the study material before each class and come to the lesson with lots of questions. Teachers help students with pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. We teach you how to build meaningful sentences that relate to your real life situation. Each lesson is different because every student is not the same.

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

  • 25-minute lesson is only 400,000 XP
  • 50-minute lesson is only 750,000 XP
  • 5 x 50-minute package is only 3,000,000 XP
  • I am holding those October prices through the swap = currently $2.40 for a 25 minute lesson